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How Does Virtual Hallway Protect Data?

Privacy and security are critical and Virtual Hallway was constructed with this in mind, every step of the way. We’ve implemented our processes to ensure that everything is kept safe and secure. Our privacy infrastructure was created in collaboration with top level security consultants. Here is a brief overview of key security features:

Organizational Culture of Privacy

Privacy is integral to the culture of Virtual Hallway. All employees undergo rigorous security and privacy awareness training and are required to understand all policies surrounding safety of data. All training is repeated and tracked to ensure that all staff are up to date on security and privacy issues.

Data Centres

Virtual Hallway’s physical infrastructure is hosted and managed within secure data centres on Canadian soil. We utilize their built-in security, privacy, and redundancy features. These servers comply with leading security policies and frameworks, including ISO 27001, SOC 1 and SOC 2.


Virtual Hallway has continuous and automated monitoring and vulnerability scanning on its servers so that have awareness of any potential vulnerabilities, incidents, and threats.


We use mirrored database servers for real-time backups and perform daily backups. Backup files are stored using redundancy across multiple availability zones. All backups are encrypted in transit and at rest.

Encryption & Secure Data Transfer

All data is encrypted in transit and at Rest using modern supported industry standards. All data is strictly confidential between those two physicians, and not accessible outside of those accounts. Data is stored in a secure, encrypted Canadian datacenter that has the highest level of security

Account Security.

Virtual Hallway secures your credentials by using leading industry standards. In addition, multifactor authentication can be enabled by users to provide high level security to the accounts.

Incident Response

Virtual Hallway has an incident response program that defines the conditions and procedures we have in place to assess any relevant vulnerabilities or security incidents and establishes remediation and mitigation actions for all events.

Privacy Impact Assessment

Virtual Hallway undergoes rigorous privacy impact assessments in each province / jurisdiction in which it operates on a regular basis. We also have all of our privacy assessments carefully vetted by each provincial / jurisdictional privacy commissioner’s office.

Privacy by design is the motto we adopt and our goal is to ensure that we maintain the highest level of security on the platform.

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