Virtual Hallway for


Empowering Family Doctors 
and Nurse Practitioners with Specialist input

Rapid access to specialists within your primary care setting
Streamlined documentation and billing process so you can get to your next patient.
Compensation for your work during the interaction.*
* Fee For Service Providers
No Phone Tag. You decide when the specialist will call.
Together we reduce wait times while getting your patient earlier intervention
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Get Specialist advice without the waitlist

When your Family Doctor or Nurse Practitioner has rapid phone access to local Specialists, you get the best care as early as possible. Discussions between doctors can help address questions about test results, diagnosis, treatment, or prognosis. They can help confirm the right treatment plan is in place, all without the need to join a Specialist waitlist.

Doctors collaborating for your best care

Waitlists can be long. When two doctors have a five-minute phone call it may prevent the need to wait for a full Specialist consultation. On Virtual Hallway, Specialists are ready, willing and able to help Family Doctor and Nurse Practitioner peers deliver the best care to you.

What is Virtual Hallway?

An online network of Canadian doctors and nurses, teaming up to provide faster, better care for patients in their region.

Your Family Doctor or Nurse Practitioner may use Virtual Hallway to:

Consult a Specialist on your diagnosis, prognosis or test results
Optimize your treatment plan
Gain second opinions from a Specialist peer
Provide continuity of care until you are off a waitlist
Access Specialist care locally and avoid the need to travel
Avoiding a waitlist entirely

Stuck on a waitlist?

Ask your doctor about virtual hallway

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