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Simplify Your Document Management

Managing documentation is important but can be burdensome. We've introduced Autofax to make document management simple. This innovative addition allows you to automatically send reports to a designated fax number, creating a seamless link between your consultations and office document management system.

If your fax number is linked to your Electronic Medical Record (EMR), Autofax offers even greater convenience, ensuring your consultation records are integrated swiftly into your patient management system.

Setting up Autofax is straightforward:

Log into your Virtual Hallway account.

  • Click on 'Account'.
  • Select 'Fax Number'. Enter the fax number (or numbers) where you'd like your reports sent.
  • Whenever a specialist completes their consult report, these report will be automatically sent to the fax number. These can be modified at any point to suit your changing needs.

For more customized control, you can manually decide the destination of individual consultation reports:

  • Go to the desired report.
  • Click on 'Download'.
  • From the dropdown menu, choose where you want to send that specific report.

We're confident that the Autofax feature will significantly enhance your experience on Virtual Hallway, making it easier than ever to manage your consultations and documentation. Happy consulting!

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