Take control of your consults. Share your expertise.

Easy consult management for busy specialists. Virtual Hallway connects you to primary care providers on your terms, so you can do your best work.
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Make better use of your time and expertise

Primary care consultations don't have to be undocumented hallway chats, a pile of unresolved faxes, or endless phone tag. Virtual Hallways allows specialists to manage phone consultations, without the pain.
Automate billing
Triage your referrals
Educate your colleagues
Ask your own questions

Automate billing

Your expertise is recognized through provincial billing codes* paid automatically each month by Virtual Hallway
*Variable by province

Triage your referrals

Focus your expertise on the most pressing cases. Resolve low acuity issues at the primary care level. Expedite patients who more urgently need your direct care.

84% of Virtual Hallway consultations result in the primary care provider not needing to make an in-person referral.

Educate your colleagues

Experience the satisfaction of educating and helping PCPs solve patient issues

Ask your own questions

As a specialist on Virtual Hallway, you’re not just a consultant — you’re also a collaborator. Reach out for phone consults with other experts when you’re seeking insights or second opinions on complex cases.

How do phone consultations work?

Review consult request
Succinct requests include key patient information that can be easily elaborated on in a call.
Call primary care provider

Automated reminder notifications make placing the call easy.

Submit consult report
Virtual Hallway makes it easy to fill out and submit your consult report. We instantly share the report with the primary care provider and bill for the consult on your behalf.

Help more patients

Expand your impact by helping more people in less time. An average 10 minute Virtual Hallway phone consult equips primary care providers to provide better, faster care to more patients.

Convenience for primary care providers

Connect with hundreds of primary care providers in your province who now have an easy way to tap your expertise. Learn how to easily prepare for a successful call on Virtual Hallway".

Optimize your existing case load

Continue your support for lower acuity patients through their primary care provider.

Tap your gap times

Take advantage of times when you can typically talk on the phone, whether it's gaps in clinic time or during your daily commute. Learn more here.

Don't take our word for it.
Meet Dr. Damien Medina - Internist & VH Specialist

“Virtual Hallway allows me to be flexible with my busy schedule and make time for consults through the gaps in my day. I can work more synchronously with GPs to consult over a patient case and document while I go. It saves me time and helps GPs provide patient care rather than the patient coming to see me.”
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Frequently asked questions

Yes. You decide whatever times work best for you and the family physicians or NPs select from those times. You can select times to be recurring or one-off.
Family physicians, nurse practitioners, and other specialists in good standing within your province.
Yes. You can set a buffer time to ensure sufficient time to receive and review the consult request form.
Yes. Most specialists set a 10 minute limit
Consult happen over the phone. Shortly before your scheduled call, you’ll receive a text message reminder and the phone number to call. You will submit a brief consult report following the call.
Virtual Hallway handles all billing. We have provincial Group Practice Agreements in place. When you sign our billing agreement form we are able to bill on your behalf using the relevant provincial billing code. Renumeration is sent via direct deposit at the start of every month.

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