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How can Virtual Hallway’s Specialist Phone Consults help you?

Rapid access to specialists within your primary care setting
Streamlined documentation and billing process so you can get to your next patient.
Compensation for your work during the interaction.*
* Fee For Service Providers
No Phone Tag. You decide when the specialist will call.
Together we reduce wait times while getting your patient earlier intervention
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Field Calls Only When You Are Available

Providing advice to other physicians is a fundamental part of specialty medicine. But specialists are busy, pulled in many different directions and being interrupted throughout the day with phone calls is inefficient. We allow referring physicians to only book phone consults at times that you block off, eliminating interruptions throughout the day. 

No Phone Tag 

A direct line to the referring physician means that when you return their call, they pick up on the first try. 

Protect Yourself

Specialist phone advice is critical to good patient care. But busy clinicians rarely have time to document phone calls. We make documentation as simple as typing a text  message. 

Get Compensated for Your Time

Field phone calls takes time. But billing codes for phone consults are complicated and have significant administrative requirements. Our approved and automated billing process ensures that you get paid for your work. 

3 out of 8 People who are Referred to a Specialist are Appropriate for Virtual Hallway

Eliminate Phone Call Interruptions Throughout the Day 
Minimize Administrative Burden  
No More Phone Tag 
Compensation for Your Time 
Simplify the Documentation Process
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