Trust is the foundation of consulting. The more we trust, the more we can accomplish together. On Virtual Hallway, trust is the foundation of the consulting process. When someone sends a consult request to a specialist, they trust that the specialist will be ready, willing and able to help them. The specialist trusts that the family physician or nurse practitioner will integrate their discussion in the patient’s care.

Trust is at the core of all meaningful relationships.

A great biography can accelerate the development of trust. When someone is considering consulting with you, they can review your biography to get a sense of who you are. 

Write in the first person

You don’t have to be a great writer to create a warm, inviting description. We recommend writing in the first person. While academics make for great biographies at conferences, what we’ve found that on Virtual Hallway a more personal touch primes the development of the clinical relationship. 

Imagine that you are describing to a friend, or a clinician you have just met, who you are and what you do. What comes to mind immediately? Chances are that these cues will fit well into your biography. 

Though you may want to list off all of your academic credentials, resist going into too much depth. Highlight the most important aspects of your clinical work and your background. Feel free to list a couple of interesting things about you as a person too. This helps set the expectations for the phone call

Keep it brief

Think about your state of mind when you’re getting through your clinical day. You are often trying to get a lot of things done quickly and efficiently. Write your bio for scanning, not reading. 

Include important information at the beginning of your description so that it doesn’t get lost.

Have a look at other people’s biographies when writing your own. See what you like about theirs, and incorporate it into your own. 

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