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In the rapidly evolving field of healthcare, Continuing Medical Education (CME) remains a cornerstone for professionals aiming to enhance their knowledge and skills. Virtual Hallway offers a suite of CME events designed to meet your learning needs. Here’s how you can maximize the value of these offerings:

1. Watch It Live

The best way to immerse yourself in our CME events is by attending live. Register early, mark your calendar, and join the event to not only absorb real-time insights but also feel the pulse of contemporary medical discussions. Live participation brings the unique advantage of immediacy – you're learning in the moment, alongside peers who are equally eager to expand their horizons.

2. Engage in the Discussion

Our live sessions thrive on interaction, featuring active Q&A segments with over 30 questions typically asked and answered. This is your chance to probe deeper into subjects, clarify doubts, or explore new perspectives. If you have a burning question, don’t wait! Submit it beforehand when you register to ensure it gets the attention it deserves. Engaging actively not only enriches your learning experience but also contributes to the collective knowledge of the community.

3. Watch On-Demand

Can't make it to a live event? No problem. Virtual Hallway boasts an extensive backlist of over 20 lectures available on-demand. This flexibility allows you to tailor your learning journey according to your schedule, ensuring you never miss out on valuable insights. Whether it’s a deep dive into a specialized topic or a broad overview of emerging trends, our on-demand library has you covered.

4. Claim Your Credits

Continuing your education is rewarding in more ways than one. With Virtual Hallway, you can claim your credits for MAINPRO in Canada or the equivalent in the U.S. after participating in our CME events. This ensures that your professional development is recognized, keeping you compliant with accreditation requirements and at the top of your game.

5. Listen on the Go

Our mobile app revolutionizes how and where you can engage with CME content. Whether you're commuting, exercising, or between appointments, you can listen to or watch our lectures wherever you go. This convenience means that your learning never has to pause, integrating seamlessly with your busy lifestyle.

Virtual Hallway's CME events are more than just lectures; they're gateways to advanced practice and heightened patient care. By attending live, engaging in discussions, utilizing our on-demand resources, claiming your credits, and leveraging our mobile app, you ensure that your educational journey is rich, rewarding, and uninterrupted. Dive into our CME offerings today and take a significant step toward your professional excellence.

Streamline patient care and improve collaboration with fellow healthcare professionals

As a physician or nurse practitioner, you often face complex and challenging cases that require additional input from your peers. Virtual Hallway empowers you to seek this valuable expertise through peer-to-peer phone consults. Here are the top 10 indications for using these consults to enhance your practice and improve patient care:

  • Your patient is on a waitlist: Access expert advice to help manage your patient's condition while they wait for a specialist appointment.
  • You aren’t sure about a workup: Gain insights from colleagues to design the most effective diagnostic workup for your patient.
  • Your patient isn’t responding to treatment: Discuss alternative treatment strategies with experienced professionals to optimize patient outcomes.
  • You’re concerned you are missing something: Receive a second opinion to ensure you've considered all potential diagnoses and treatments.
  • You’re worried about your patient: Leverage the collective expertise of your peers to address your concerns and develop a tailored care plan.
  • Your patient wants to avoid travel: Facilitate remote consultations to save your patient time and resources without compromising their care.
  • You want to confirm a course of action already taken: Validate your approach by seeking input from others, reinforcing your confidence in your decision-making.
  • You wonder if there are new treatments available that you aren’t aware of: Stay up-to-date with the latest advances in medicine by discussing novel therapies with fellow healthcare professionals.
  • Review test results: Collaborate with experts to interpret complex test results and determine the most appropriate next steps.
  • Improve the quality of a referral: Enhance your referral process by discussing the case with a specialist beforehand, ensuring a smoother transition for your patient.

Harness the power of peer-to-peer phone consults to improve collaboration, streamline patient care, and optimize outcomes. By engaging with your colleagues in real-time, you can overcome challenges and stay at the forefront of medical practice.

You’ve signed up for Virtual Hallway as a specialist. Now what?

In this short guide, you’ll learn how to setup your:

✅ Profile

✅ Account settings

✅ Availability

Setup your profile

Your profile helps colleagues identify and connect to you as a person and helps ensure that you receive consult requests right in your wheelhouse.

✅ Upload a profile picture

Specialists with profile pictures get around 3x the consult requests. How to upload a profile picture...

✅ Update your bio

Write in the 1st person and keep it brief to help colleagues understand your background and training. If you have specific areas of interest or subspecialty training, include that here. How to add a bio to your profile...

Setup account settings

Account settings allow you to personalize notifications, calendar sync, security and auto-fax options.

 Email and Text Notifications

Never miss a consult with automated email and text notifications. Learn more about how to make notification work for you.

✅ Calendar Sync

Do you use a centralized calendar? If so, subscribe to your Virtual Hallway calendar to get your consults to appear in your calendar. Learn more about how to subscribe to your calendar.

✅ Security

We recommend using a strong password and enabling two factor authentication (2FA). Learn more about how how to reset your password and enable 2FA.

✅ Auto-fax

When you complete a consult report, opt into our auto-fax feature to have all information automatically faxed to your office staff. Learn more about how to set up auto fax.

Setup your availability

✅ Recurring and single events

Setting recurring availability that fits your regular schedule is an easy, “set-and-forget” way to provide sustainable access to primary care providers. You can also set availability on individual dates and times. Learn more about times that work well for phone consultations.

✅ Enable OnDemand booking

By opting into OnDemand booking, requesting physician can indicate they are open to receiving a call from you anytime prior to your scheduled consult. This popular feature gives you the freedom to take advantage of any window of time you have to complete a consult ahead of time. Learn more about this feature.

✅ Advance notice and consult length settings

You can customize how much “buffer” time you require between when a consult is requested and the earliest it can be scheduled for. You can also customize the amount of time that a phone consult is booked for. Learn more about how to adjust your advance notice and consult duration settings.

Adjusting advance notice and consult duration

As a specialist, you can decide on the length of your consults as well as how far in advance practitioners must book.

To adjust these preferences:

  1. Click Preferences from the left-hand sidebar.
  2. To adjust consult duration, click the arrows up or down below the Consult Duration heading.
  3. To adjust the amount of time in advance practitioners can book with you, click the up or down arrows below the Consult Buffer heading to your preferred amount of time.
  4. Click Confirm Changes.

You can connect a fax number to your Virtual Hallway account so that you can send documents directly from your Virtual Hallway account to your fax number.

  1. Click Account.
  2. Click Fax Numbers.
  3. Enter Contact Name and Fax Number.
  4. Click Add Verified Contact.
  5. Now you can select that fax number from the upper right hand corner of a consult request form or report and have it faxed to you.

Changing your password

  1. Click Account.
  2. Click Security.
  3. Open the Password Settings tab.
  4. Enter your current password and your new password.
  5. Click Confirm Change Password.

Enabling 2FA

  1. Click Account.
  2. Click Security.
  3. Open the Two Factor Authentication tab.
  4. Toggle the Two Factor Authentication button to on.
  5. Confirm changes.

Seeing the impact of your consults at a glance makes it easier to understand how phone consults can impact your practice.

Helping healthcare providers make faster decisions is the driving force behind every update we make. Previously, physicians and nurse practitioners weren't able to easily visualize the impact that their phone consult practice was having on patient care.

Our new performance page gives you real-time access to key statistics about your history of phone consults, as well as averages for all users of the platform. This can allow you to see the impact that your consults are having in providing faster, effective care to your patients.

Track historical measures of your consult impacts

With the performance page, you’re able to track and compare metrics such as platform averages and consult patterns over time.

A few of the measures that can be tracked include:

  • number of consults
  • number of patients impacted
  • estimated earnings (for fee-for-service providers)
  • projected earnings (for fee-for-service providers)

Ready to check out your performance page?

Start using your performance page now by logging in and clicking on the performance page tab.

Health care providers have busy days, with to-do lists that are pages long. Virtual Hallway can save you time through a notification system that allows you to adjust how and when you receive notifications about your consults. Here are a few reasons to consider using this feature:

It saves you time.

With notifications, you won’t have to manually input reminders for when your phone call is scheduled. Virtual Hallway will notify you by email and/or text message 15 minutes before your consult, so that you won’t be caught off guard. Similar notifications were created for events such as when a referral is received as well as when a specialist completes a consult report. These notifications are useful for any provider, but especially those who participate in a lot of consults. You will be able to focus on your daily workflows while having peace of mind that you won’t miss a call. 

You can customize your notifications. 

Any notification system is only effective if it works with your workflow. That’s why we’ve enabled 12 different, yet easy customization options. If you work more through email, you can have your notifications go to your email. If you’re someone who works off of your cell phone, SMS messages might be for you. The bottom line is that seamlessly integrating notifications into your workflow will make the who consulting experience better.   

Your calls will go better. 

We’ve all had the panic feeling when we realize we have forgotten an appointment. If we connect with the person later, we spend time apologizing, and run the risk of meeting at less opportune times, potentially impacting the quality of the call. The more positive the call is, the more likely it is that a plan for the patient will be created. 

To customize your notifications simply log into your portal, click Account and then Notifications. From this menu you can select which notifications you would like to receive. 

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