As we observe Women's Health Month, let’s broaden our focus beyond reproductive health to address the leading causes of morbidity and mortality among women—non-communicable diseases (NCDs). At Virtual Hallway, our commitment is to empower healthcare professionals with the knowledge and tools to tackle these health challenges through expert-led discussions and collaborations.

Understanding the Impact of NCDs on Women

NCDs are the principal cause of death and disability globally, especially among women, overshadowing other health concerns traditionally emphasized in women’s health narratives. In 2012 alone, an estimated 18.1 million women died from NCDs, with cardiovascular diseases, cancers, and respiratory diseases leading the list.

Sex Differences in Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD)

Contrary to the longstanding view of CVD as a male-centric issue, it is actually the leading cause of death among women worldwide. Research shows that sex differences in healthcare access, treatment, and outcomes are stark, with women often receiving less aggressive treatment than men for similar conditions. Virtual Hallway’s specialists, like those focusing on cardiology and diabetes management, are important resources for bridging these gaps in care.

Virtual Hallway’s Role in Addressing Women's NCDs

Our platform offers a series of lectures and the ability to consult with specialists across various fields—including cardiovascular health, diabetes, and mental health. These resources are designed not just to educate but to actively support primary care practitioners in providing care tailored to the needs of women.

Check Out Our Continuing Education Lectures

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