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You booked your first phone consult, now what?


First things first, congratulations! And thank you! Phone consults are an essential part of solving the issue with waitlists in this country, and you are now a part of the solution.

Here are your next steps to take:

  • Take note of the date, and time of the consult.

Input the information into your main calendar, either iCal, google calendar, or any other favourite calendar. Set an alert, so that it will remind you ahead of the appointment time. This way, all the information needed for your call will be automated. If your office staff have a delegate account they can do this for you.

  • Be ready on the day of the consult

Nothing is worse than scrambling a minute before an appointment (though we’ve all done its more than once!). Grab a quiet spot, open up the consult request, your patient’s chart, if necessary, and wait for the specialist’s call.

  • Documentation

After the call, the specialist will complete the consult request form. You are not required to document, though some family physicians take some notes during the call. Once the specialist completes the documentation you will receive a notification and it will appear in your portal.

The reports can then be printed, or can be imported into your EMR.

That’s the whole process. Virtual Hallway will bill on your behalf and transfer your billings. Now, get ready for your next consult!

Key Points
  • Have a system to keep track of upcoming consults
  • Be ready on the day of the consult

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