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You’ve signed up for Virtual Hallway as a specialist. Now what?


You’ve signed up for Virtual Hallway as a specialist. Now what?

In this short guide, you’ll learn how to setup your:

✅ Profile

✅ Account settings

✅ Availability

Setup your profile

Your profile helps colleagues identify and connect to you as a person and helps ensure that you receive consult requests right in your wheelhouse.

✅ Upload a profile picture

Specialists with profile pictures get around 3x the consult requests. How to upload a profile picture...

✅ Update your bio

Write in the 1st person and keep it brief to help colleagues understand your background and training. If you have specific areas of interest or subspecialty training, include that here. How to add a bio to your profile...

Setup account settings

Account settings allow you to personalize notifications, calendar sync, security and auto-fax options.

 Email and Text Notifications

Never miss a consult with automated email and text notifications. Learn more about how to make notification work for you.

✅ Calendar Sync

Do you use a centralized calendar? If so, subscribe to your Virtual Hallway calendar to get your consults to appear in your calendar. Learn more about how to subscribe to your calendar.

✅ Security

We recommend using a strong password and enabling two factor authentication (2FA). Learn more about how how to reset your password and enable 2FA.

✅ Auto-fax

When you complete a consult report, opt into our auto-fax feature to have all information automatically faxed to your office staff. Learn more about how to set up auto fax.

Setup your availability

✅ Recurring and single events

Setting recurring availability that fits your regular schedule is an easy, “set-and-forget” way to provide sustainable access to primary care providers. You can also set availability on individual dates and times. Learn more about times that work well for phone consultations.

✅ Enable OnDemand booking

By opting into OnDemand booking, requesting physician can indicate they are open to receiving a call from you anytime prior to your scheduled consult. This popular feature gives you the freedom to take advantage of any window of time you have to complete a consult ahead of time. Learn more about this feature.

✅ Advance notice and consult length settings

You can customize how much “buffer” time you require between when a consult is requested and the earliest it can be scheduled for. You can also customize the amount of time that a phone consult is booked for. Learn more about how to adjust your advance notice and consult duration settings.

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