Our Vision: A world where no one has to wait for healthcare.

Our Mission: To reimagine the way doctors connect.  

Virtual Hallway was born from the observations of three N.S based psychiatrists that are familiar to anyone working in healthcare: waitlists are long, access to care is a challenge, and things don’t seem to be changing fast enough.

Wait times for specialist consultations unacceptably long. This means that patients suffer needlessly. Medical conditions can worsen while they wait to see specialists. The burden to care for these complex conditions falls entirely on family doctors. This is not fair.

Virtual Hallway is a solution. By providing an efficient and rapid system of specialist consultation, Virtual Hallway:

· Provides family doctors with rapid advice

· Allows for more streamlined approach to investigation and treatment

· Avoids unnecessary delays and suffering for patients

· Provides compensation to physician parties

Virtual Hallway is a physician owned and operated service, led by psychiatrists Drs. Jacob Cookey, Luke Napier, Daniel Rasic and health care innovator Justin Hartlen. The service started based on their observation that patients were waiting far too long for specialist consultation and that these delays were leading to more chronic, and disabling conditions. In speaking with family physicians, they saw that these doctors were trying their best against a system that was inefficient, and slow to change. The idea was that specialist input earlier on in a course of illness could streamline a person’s treatment, and optimize their care.

We asked "what if"

...Consulting with a specialist was as easy as stepping to the office down the hall?
...Instead of tracking down colleagues using faxes, voicemails, switchboards, or mailed letters, you could consult with the click of a button?
…Technology allowed us direct access to specialist input within hours or days, rather than months or years?
The challenge was to find a solution to make primary care, specialist, and patient lives better, without adding more work.

Virtual Hallway emerged - a secure booking platform that enables physicians to directly access specialists via phone consultation.

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