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Easily access specialists to move your patient care forward.

Virtual Hallway helps you save time, stay organized and get your questions answered - so you can provide excellent care and keep patients off the waitlist.
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What we offer Family Physicians

Your consultations don't have to be undocumented hallway chats, a pile of unresolved faxes, or back-and-forth emails. Virtual Hallway brings all the benefits of talking to a peer, without the pain.
Access to specialists
Documented answers
Live conversations
CME webinars

Access to specialists

Build a network of specialists who quickly and helpfully answer your questions.

Documented answers

All consults are securely documented and downloadable through Virtual Hallway. We bill on your behalf through provincial health plans, so you can focus on your patients.

Live conversations

Skip the back and forth messaging and get deeper insights from a live discussion with an engaged medical colleague.
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The first medication I prescribed didn't work. What should I try next?

This is what I think the diagnosis is. What do you think?

What’s your opinion on these lab results?

CME webinars

Educational webinars are available live and on demand. Learn from Virtual Hallway specialists and consult with them* after the lecture. All in one space.
*Only with specialists in your province.

We do the work so you can focus on your patients

Book your consult

Request a call from your specialist of choice by selecting a time and sharing a few sentences on the patient and your question. Learn more about Virtual Hallway's easy consult request process here.

Receive your call

The specialist reviews your request and calls you to answer your question. Notifications ensure you'll never miss a call.

Help your patient

Confidently move your patient's care forward as the specialist documents the consult through Virtual Hallway and we handle billing on your behalf.

Don't take our word for it.
Meet Dr. Rachel Shaw - Family Doctor & VH user.

“I use VH for patients cases with some complexity where I need to determine: is this a problem? Is it not really a problem? And what are my next steps? I don't want to dump that patient on a months-long wait list. I can resolve the issue in a couple days with a quick call with a specialist.”
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Frequently asked questions

Yes! There is no charge for NPs to use Virtual Hallway. To be able to offer this service, the specialist agrees to share a small administrative fee from the consult’s billing remuneration.
Yes. Within each speciality, you choose from the specialists pre-determined open time slots, one which will work for both of you. At that time the chosen specialist calls you. You select the time to speak to the specialist you want to.
Yes. All that’s needed is a few sentences covering required patient information, medical history, and your question(s). It’s easy to share any additional context during the call.
Virtual Hallway handles all billing for you and the specialist. We have provincial Group Practice Agreements so, when you sign our billing agreement form, we can bill on your behalf using the relevant provincial billing code. Renumeration is sent via direct deposit at the start of every month. If you are a salaried provider, Virtual Hallway can aid with any shadow-billing questions you may have.
Virtual Hallway uses OHIP/MSI code K730/03.09L {$31.35/$30.25/call} to bill for your consult.
The specialist submits a 1 page consult report. You can access this and the original request as a downloadable, encrypted PDF. You can also elect to have these reports automatically faxed where you would like for easy EMR entry.
No. The patient is not directly involved in your consult with a specialist.

Don't have a question for a specialist right now?

We hear you. That's normal.
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