Virtual Hallway for

Primary Care Providers

Saving you time so you can spend more time with your patients

Rapid access to specialists within your primary care setting
Streamlined documentation and billing process so you can get to your next patient.
Compensation for your work during the interaction.*
* Fee For Service Providers
No Phone Tag. You decide when the specialist will call.
Together we reduce wait times while getting your patient earlier intervention
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Contact Us

Get Specialist Advice within 24 hours

Rapid access to specialists is an invaluable tool for primary care practitioners. It allows you to ensure that patients get high level intervention, early on in the course of illness. Whether it is a question about diagnosis, treatment or prognosis, or reassurance about a course of action already taken, talking to a specialist can optimize the treatment plan. 

Made for Doctors, by Doctors.

We built the platform to address a need that we observed: inefficiencies in the health care system had contributed to long specialist waitlists. However, a five minute phone call with a specialist today may prevent a full face-to-face specialist consultation in six months. We make connecting with specialists easy, efficient and valuable.

We are a Tech Platform that Facilitates the Core Tenet of Medicine: Care for the Patient.

Collegial interactions between clinicians with complementary skillsets is at the foundation of our platform. Our mission is to bring you technology that improves efficiency of connecting with peers. We bring clinicians together in the Virtual Hallway. 

3 out of 8 People who are Referred to a Specialist are Appropriate for Virtual Hallway

Optimized treatment for your patients.
Improved patient satisfaction.
Interim care planning advice and diagnostics guidance.
Improved efficiency – eliminate phone tag.
Get compensated for your time.
Increased confidence about the treatment plan
You fill out the referral form, we document and process the rest
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