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Using your performance page to plan phone consults


Seeing the impact of your consults at a glance makes it easier to understand how phone consults can impact your practice.

Helping healthcare providers make faster decisions is the driving force behind every update we make. Previously, physicians and nurse practitioners weren't able to easily visualize the impact that their phone consult practice was having on patient care.

Our new performance page gives you real-time access to key statistics about your history of phone consults, as well as averages for all users of the platform. This can allow you to see the impact that your consults are having in providing faster, effective care to your patients.

Track historical measures of your consult impacts

With the performance page, you’re able to track and compare metrics such as platform averages and consult patterns over time.

A few of the measures that can be tracked include:

  • number of consults
  • number of patients impacted
  • estimated earnings (for fee-for-service providers)
  • projected earnings (for fee-for-service providers)

Ready to check out your performance page?

Start using your performance page now by logging in and clicking on the performance page tab.

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